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Mr.Needs KN95 Respirator (5pcs)


Mr.Needs KN95 Respirator (5pcs)


 100% Medical Grade Anti-Flu Mask 
 ISO 9001:2015 Certified 
 Protection against the dreaded Coronavirus 
 5-layer filtering method (maximum protection) 
 Filters 95% of bacteria & PM2.5 particles 
 International Express Shipping available

Military Grade Carbon Mask

The Mr.Needs KN95 Respirator is lab tested and clinically proven to prevent the risk of infection. Filters 95% of bacteria, dust, chemicals, particles, pollen, and smoke.

The hanging ear and contour mouth design ensures an effective seal from the outside air. Adjustable hook & loop strap gets the perfect fit for all-day comfort.

4-Layer Filtration Material

Designed with 4 protective layers that work in conjunction to filter airborne particles. A perfect mask when traveling through congested airports, bus terminal, smalls parks, and busy city streets.

    One Size Fits All

    With durable elastic ear-loops, that can be adjusted - the one size is guaranteed to fit everyone.

    Have a paper mask? Not good enough - here's why.
    During periods of increased acute respiratory infections in the community, it is highly recommended that individuals wear high-quality air purifying and anti-viral devices.

    • Thin paper masks are intended to keep large particles contained such as mucus or saliva. The loose fit of thin masks often has gaps leaving an individual susceptible to exposure of airborne pathogens and viruses. 
    • A Respirator such as our Mr.Needs KN95 Respirator is designed to offer the highest level of protection through its 3D sealing structure, completely sealing the user's face, forcing air to be filtered through the filtration system.

    ** These masks are disposable and cannot be re-used. The filters are engraved inside the mask and cannot be changed. Based on average usage, a single mask can be used for 6-8 days.

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